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Does al-Kadhimi Make the Grade?

Does al-Kadhimi Make the Grade?

In this special Newlines Institute Contours podcast, Iraq experts Rasha Al-Aqeedi, Caroline Rose, and Contours host Nicholas Heras discuss Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s visit to Washington to meet President Joe Biden and what al-Kadhimi’s trip means for the dynamics inside Iraq and for U.S policy on Iraq.

As Drones Proliferate, Authoritarian Regimes Profit

The United States was once the leader in military drone technology, but its reticence to sell drones to other countries has left a gap in the market that authoritarian regimes such as China, Iran, and Turkey have been eager to exploit.

Forecasting Raisi’s Reign in Iran

This Newlines Institute Contours podcast examines dynamics in Iran to watch now that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s protégé Ebrahim Raisi has been elected president.

The Challenges of a Post-American Afghanistan

The United States is attempting to complete its military withdrawal from Afghanistan while preventing the Taliban from eroding the progress the U.S. spent nearly 20 years and approximately $1 trillion to create. This process is likely to involve using military, financial, and political tools to establish some semblance of a balance of power between the Taliban and the government in Kabul. Our senior analysts weigh in on how the Biden administration should approach this fragile situation.

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