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Security and Governance in the Taliban’s Emirate

Security and Governance in the Taliban’s Emirate

As the Taliban shifts from a flexible insurgency to a state authority, the group is increasingly facing the growing pains of trying to provide for the country’s security needs as it is in the process of establishing its emirate.

Greece Adjusts Its Strategy Amid Shifting Middle Eastern Alliances

As Turkey has expanded its regional influence, Greece increasingly led efforts to counterbalance Ankara’s aggression.

Iran’s Strategy in Afghanistan: Pragmatic Engagement with the Taliban

Despite Iran’s history of conflict with the Taliban, the Islamic Republic has several economic, security, and diplomatic reasons to engage with the militant group after its takeover of Afghanistan. Tehran likely will work with the Taliban to extend its influence and deter the influence of other regional actors, reduce the threat of militant groups operating in Afghanistan, and secure Afghan resources such as water.

Climate Change and Mobility: An Agenda for the United States

After a discussion of the forms of human mobility that could be affected by climate change, this analysis examines the four areas to be addressed in the administration’s report.


Gender and Genocide Conference Sep 20

Gender and Genocide Conference

09:00 September 20, 2021 Zoom Webinar
Strategic Vacuums Resulting from U.S. Retreat Sep 17

Strategic Vacuums Resulting from U.S. Retreat

11:00 September 17, 2020 Zoom

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The Hoax in the ISIS Flag

Claiming to channel pure Islam, the Islamic State fell for a long-debunked 19th-century hoax

Rifaat-al-Assad (1)

A Once Powerful Patriarch Returns to an Unrecognizable Syria

Rifaat al-Assad was exiled by his late brother when the country was allied with the Soviets. This month he returned to a fragmented country reeling after an uprising and a brutal war


The Life and Death of Landfills

How humans manage their trash and why dumping grounds can be resurrected to serve the environment


The Secret Life of an Iraqi Town That Actually Fought – and Won Against – the Islamic State

How one city succeeded in fending off the Islamic State where others barely even tried