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Is it Time for a New American Approach to Russia?

Is it Time for a New American Approach to Russia?

In this episode of the Newlines Institute’s Contours podcast series, geopolitical analysts and Russia experts Jeff Hawn and Sim Tack join the Newlines Institute’s Caroline Rose and Nicholas Heras to break down the future of Russia after the country’s September 2021 parliamentary elections.

The Taliban Deal & U.S.-Jihadist Negotiations

If talks are successful and the Taliban keep to the terms of the deal, this new government could serve as a test of how far the United States is willing to go to negotiate with nationalist jihadists in order to counter those pursuing transnational agendas.

Does al-Kadhimi Make the Grade?

In this special Newlines Institute Contours podcast, Iraq experts Rasha Al-Aqeedi, Caroline Rose, and Contours host Nicholas Heras discuss Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s visit to Washington to meet President Joe Biden and what al-Kadhimi’s trip means for the dynamics inside Iraq and for U.S policy on Iraq.

China’s Strategic Objective in Oppressing the Uyghurs

China’s genocidal oppression of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province has largely been viewed through a humanitarian lens. However, understanding Beijing’s actions in terms of its geopolitical imperatives can help the U.S. and its partners identify new routes to pressure China and defend Uyghur human security.


Gender and Genocide Conference Sep 20

Gender and Genocide Conference

09:00 September 20, 2021 Zoom Webinar
Strategic Vacuums Resulting from U.S. Retreat Sep 17

Strategic Vacuums Resulting from U.S. Retreat

11:00 September 17, 2020 Zoom

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Taliban, the Next Generation

Anas Haqqani, the youngest son of a jihadist commander who fought the Russians and the Americans, tells Newlines that the Taliban has learned from its mistakes. But can the Taliban leave their brutal past behind?


In Second Regime, the Taliban — and the World — Face a New Reality

The key to Afghanistan’s future may lie in deglobalizing its importance


How America Lost Afghanistan

The most technologically advanced military in the world never understood the country it spent 20 years fighting over


After the Fall of Kabul

In a special podcast on the fall of Kabul and its aftermath, Newlines’ Faisal Al Yafai speaks to three reporters who were on the ground in Afghanistan before, during and after the takeover by the Taliban.