Syria’s 4th Division: A Threat to Stability

Syria’s 4th Division has grown beyond its origins as a military cohort to become a parastate whose illicit economic activities and broad influence make it a threat to domestic and regional security.

How the U.S. Can Counter Russia Globally

Washington and its EU allies should focus on cooperation with countries that do not fit into the pro-Western or pro-Russian paradigm.

Rise of Israel’s Anti-Arab Party Jeopardizes Regional Normalization

Recent Israeli elections have implications for the future of the Abraham Accords, which normalized ties between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco but are widely unpopular in the Arab signatory countries.

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The African-American Diplomat Who Helped End the Imperial Order

Ralph Bunche played a critical role in the wave of decolonization following WWII. A new biography, excerpted here, underscores his monumental presence


On the Hungarian Border, No Refugee Escapes Violence

At a farmhouse on the Serbian frontier, migrants describe the violence and hardship they have endured in their attempts to enter the EU


Religious Zionism and the Struggle for Israel’s Soul

The far right’s foothold in the new government has been in the making for a while

Middle East

Living — and Reliving — the US Invasion of Iraq

Two decades on, I can recall almost every detail of the American occupation and the years that followed