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Publication Types

New Lines Institute has a unique institutional approach to analysis. The Institute’s analytical methodology emphasizes geopolitics (the interplay between geography, people, economics, and history), intelligence analysis, and deep subject matter expertise. We value scholarly rigor and analytical empathy that steers clear of advocacy and prejudice. It is our belief that true insight emerges from understanding the imperatives, anxieties, and constraints of all political actors involved in an issue. Our efforts to produce analysis/forecast-driven policy recommendations enable us to provide strategic forecasts on issues while capturing the nuances of local contexts. For more on our methodology and publication types, please refer to our Submissions page.

Strategic Assessment

Strategic Assessments examine significant events and trends in under 2,000 words.  This type of analysis often concludes with suggested courses of action for U.S. policymakers.

Terrain Analysis

Terrain Analyses are intended to improve situational awareness on underappreciated yet important topics. At approximately 3,000 words, this type of analysis offers balance between the big picture and the nuances that explain why the actors involved behave the way they do.

Policy Report

Policy Reports provide actionable solutions for resolving complex policy challenges.  In 7,000-8,500 words, these reports put forth policy recommendations distilled from analysis and forecasting.


Influenced by U.S. government intelligence dossiers, this type of analysis bridges the gap between subject matter expertise and policymaking spaces with an academic-quality, intelligence-style report. In 5,000-7,000 words, each Dossier puts an under-covered or misunderstood issue or region in a broader geopolitical context.

Intelligence Briefing

Intelligence Briefings are lengthy – 8,000 to 10,000 words – but highly focused assessments of select issues that policymakers should understand at the granular level. They often include information that is obscure or not publicly available.

Practitioner’s Perspective

Occasionally, we publish thought pieces from select individuals who have had distinguished careers in foreign policy. The Practitioner’s Perspective, at 1,500-2,000 words, is designed to impart wisdom based on extensive experience in the field.

Expert Review

Expert Reviews are brief analyses produced by New Lines Institute experts to comment on significant developments that impact their areas of research. These analyses are designed to respond to events as they occur.