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Western Balkans Observatory

As Russia’s war in Ukraine grinds on, the conflict has destabilized other regions of Eurasia that have recently experienced civil war and ethnic cleansing, including the Western Balkans. This is a region where Russia remains an active player and where escalated conflict risks radicalizing violent elements among Europe’s Christian far right and Islamists. The institutions and established mechanisms to avert a bloody return to the conflicts of the dissolution of Yugoslavia are failing. Given these dynamics, a new initiative to analyze this changing landscape is necessary.

The Balkans Observatory is an initiative by the New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy to provide rigorous, non-partisan analysis for policymakers on the Western Balkans. The Observatory is a hub for policymakers, legislators, and academics to discuss emerging challenges and crises in the region through essays, events, and roundtables. The Observatory seeks to fill the void in policy-oriented research on the Western Balkans amid broadening concern over the region’s deteriorating security dynamics. Please check this page regularly for new essays and events.