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Leureta Lumi

Leureta Lumi is a researcher at the Kosovo Center for Security Studies. She holds a master’s degree in international relations from Webster University in Geneva with a focus on the European Defense Community, as well as a master’s degree in diplomacy from the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations with a focus on counterterrorism. Previously, Lumi served as an adviser to the minister of defense of the Republic of Kosovo, covering international cooperation.

Latest Articles

From Crisis Management to Stability and Integration: Navigating Kosovo’s Security Landscape

Growing ethnic tensions in Kosovo have prompted changes in the country’s security landscape in recent years, leading to shifts in the roles of the Kosovo Police, Kosovo Security Force (KSF), and NATO's Kosovo Force (KFOR). Kosovo’s defense and law enforcement apparatus has evolved, from the legal frameworks governing the Kosovo Police's autonomy to strategic advancements in the KSF. The country is particularly seeing ethnic tensions in the north, where a terrorist attack on the village of Banjska in September 2023 has had severe repercussions. 

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