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Global Energy

Global Energy Connectivity

The Global Energy Connectivity Portfolio explores the intersection of energy, geopolitics, and climate change on a global level. Its ultimate goal is to help the U.S. and the rest of the world address climate change in a more sustainable and impactful fashion, while at the same time anticipating and mitigating the geopolitical risks related to energy security to create a more strategic and stable transition to meeting climate goals.

Energy has proven to have a significant impact on the lives of everyday people and the global balance of power Whether in terms of fossil fuels or renewable energy development, energy shapes geopolitics and vice versa. And with climate change serving as one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, it is imperative that the US and the rest of the world be prepared to address this challenge in a strategic and sustainable manner.

Global Energy Connectivity Initiatives

Climate Transition and Emerging Technologies

This initiative is intended to deal with global energy connectivity from a longer-term time frame, particularly as it relates to tackling the issue of climate…

Energy Security and Geopolitics

This initiative is intended to deal with global energy connectivity from a short-to-medium- term time frame, particularly as it relates to energy security (the reliable…

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We welcome contributions from diverse experts with various sub-specialties to ensure that we consistently produce the highest-quality product. Our team firmly believes that expertise exists across the political spectrum and disciplinary fields; the key is to help our authors showcase it without indulging in partisan discussions. We expect our authors to focus on the how, why and (most importantly) the what next because our audience is already very familiar with the who, what, where, and when of the subjects we tackle.

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