Analytical Products

The New Lines Institute offers an array of analytical products, including crisis simulations, training sessions, and custom briefings, on a wide range of topics related to foreign and national security policy. New Lines has adapted its unique institutional framework and methodology to produce forward-looking and market-responsive deliverables for internationally renowned clients, including universities, corporations, and non-governmental organizations. If your organization is interested in working with New Lines, please email [email protected].  

Analytical Product Types 

  • Simulations 
  • Training sessions 
  • Custom reports, forecasts, and briefings 


Product Description – Simulations are interactive exercises in which participants react to unfolding scenarios based on potential geopolitical crises designed by the New Lines Institute. 


  • Russia-Ukraine War – Conflict Outlook and Reverberations (PDF image
  • Energy, Climate, and Geopolitics 
  • U.S./China/Russia – Great Power Competition in Global Hot Spots (PDF image
  • Post-Conflict Reconstruction – Women’s Role in Peace 
  • South Asia/Middle East – Sectarian Tensions and Spillover Effects (PDF image

Training Sessions  

Product Description – Training sessions are online modules that provide information and analysis based on areas of expertise of the New Lines Institute.  


  • Strategic Analysis and Forecasting/Scenario Building  
  • Energy, Climate, and Geopolitics 
  • Open-Source Information Gathering (OSIG) – Intelligence and Analytical Applications 
  • Gender Analysis  

Custom Analytical Products  

New Lines can provide custom products tailored to your research and analysis needs, including: 

  • Reports 
  • Forecasts 
  • Briefings