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Future Frontiers

Future Frontiers

Living in a time of transformative or potentially transformative change, humans lack settled strategies, laws, policies, and practices for our future frontiers. To maximize benefit and minimize harm, we need to craft these approaches while learning lessons from the past and applying imagination, reason, and care to the future.

At Future Frontiers, we’ll focus on humans who create, introduce, adopt, and live with technology in polities and societies; consider other emerging areas of activity seas, ocean floors, and outer space; and look at ourselves — our minds, our genomes, our societies, our species. We’ll consider how to craft law and policy toward outer space, the transitions and traps of resource transformation, and the promise and peril of artificial intelligence. We’ll grapple with grand challenges in planetary policy, including environmental change, pandemic prevention, and more. We’ll seek the frontiers within us, from the human genome and to the mind itself. And we’ll consider how all these areas of interest converge.

Of course, our future isn’t fantasy. While we believe that imagination and ingenuity are important, we’re also passionate about putting principles into practice. Just as we explore visionary ideas of space commercialization or interplanetary terraforming, we will also grapple with important and urgent issues like artificial space debris. If we examine different forms of artificial intelligence, energy fusion, or geoengineering, we’ll also consider immediate, tangible challenges such as major metropolises whose built environments impact land, sea, and the air. We’ll propose ideas for managing the unfolding consequences of old policies and the hidden costs and challenges of ostensibly better ones.

Welcome to Future Frontiers. Our projects will include:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing
  • Automation, Autonomy, and Robotics
  • Biopolicy
  • Environmental Change
  • Resource Transformation
  • Outer Space

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The New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy publishes work that combines geopolitical insight with subject-matter expertise. New Lines Institute publications examine tactical developments involving regimes, nonstate actors, local politics, ideologies, etc. Our work situates them in the strategic context of macro-level factors such as geography, populations, economics, military power, history, and culture. All our content must demonstrate analytical empathy and is geared toward advancing the cause of human security and stabilization and development on our planet. That said, we do not publish “op-ed” pieces, polemical content, or activist/advocacy work.

We welcome contributions from diverse experts with various sub-specialties to ensure that we consistently produce the highest-quality product. Our team firmly believes that expertise exists across the political spectrum and disciplinary fields; the key is to help our authors showcase it without indulging in partisan discussions. We expect our authors to focus on the how, why and (most importantly) the what next because our audience is already very familiar with the who, what, where, and when of the subjects we tackle.

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