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Wil Sahar Patrick

Wil Sahar Patrick is a doctoral candidate in the Critical Geographies Research Lab at the University of Victoria. He is a political geographer researching the intersections of infrastructure, political networks, and local self-governance in Central Asia and monument and infrastructure controversies in North America. He tweets at @@wilpoligeo. 

Latest Articles

Pakistan Faces Rising Separatist Insurgency in Balochistan

Pakistan is facing an increasingly deadly separatist insurgency in Balochistan, a province that remains one of the country’s poorest despite its significant natural resources. As insurgent groups consolidate their forces and escalate their tactics, the Pakistani government has used force to quell separatism, which threatens to exacerbate the conflict. In this Terrain Analysis, Wil Sahar Patrick and Hari Prasad examine current state of the insurgency and explain what the United States and Pakistan’s allies can do to help de-escalate tensions in this key province.

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