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Frederic Hof

Frederic Hof

Ambassador Frederic C. Hof is Bard College’s Diplomat-in-Residence, and is the author of Reaching for the Heights: The Inside Story of a Secret Attempt to Reach a Syrian-Israeli Peace. He served as ambassador and special advisor for transition in Syria under President Barack Obama, with a distinguished career at the United States Army and the Department of State.

Latest Articles

Austin Tice: Ten Years Later

The Biden administration faces enormous difficulty in trying to free the American journalist from Syria – and enormous criticism for his continued captivity.

Human Rights

Syrian Mercenaries to Ukraine? Why Not?

Vladimir Putin’s openness to sending Syrian mercenaries to Ukraine tracks with Russia’s actions in Syria and support for Bashar al Assad’s vicious campaign against his own citizens. Moreover, the U.S. response to the crisis in Syria, including Russia’s involvement there, showed its fear of starting World War III – a fear that Putin is likely to exploit as often as he can in as many places as he can, including Ukraine.

State Resilience & Fragility