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Neda Bolourchi

Neda Bolourchi is a Post-Doctoral Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Her research examines the transformative discourse on Iran as sacred during the twentieth century across the political and religious spectra. She is deeply engaged in archival theory and methodology as she works on a book manuscript as well as an oral history project. Her research travels include years in Iran, Syria, and Armenia. Her research has been supported by several Andrew W. Mellon Foundation fellowships, among others.

Latest Articles

Iran’s Strategy in Afghanistan: Pragmatic Engagement with the Taliban

Despite Iran’s history of conflict with the Taliban, the Islamic Republic has several economic, security, and diplomatic reasons to engage with the militant group after its takeover of Afghanistan. Tehran likely will work with the Taliban to extend its influence and deter the influence of other regional actors, reduce the threat of militant groups operating in Afghanistan, and secure Afghan resources such as water.

State Resilience & Fragility