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Kirill Shamiev

Kirill Shamiev is a visiting fellow at the European Council of Foreign Relations. In January 2023, he defended his PhD in political science on civil military relations and defense policy in contemporary Russia. He is currently an analyst of Russian Politics and Defense Affairs, and the Russian diaspora at the European Council of Foreign Relations.

Latest Articles

The Russo-Ukrainian War: In Context

In this second episode of the Russia in Context podcast, host Jeff Hawn continues the conversation with Aram Shabanian; Kirill Shamiev, and Sim Tack, to discuss the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, the leadup to hostilities, the performance of the Russian military thus far, and what may unfold next.


Russian Military History: In Context

In the pilot of episode of our new Russia in Context podcast series, host Jeff Hawn sits down with Aram Shabanian, Kurill Shamiev, and Sim Tack. These Russia experts discuss the evolution of Russian military capability, its contrasts with the West, and the successes and failures of the Russian military.

Strategic Competition