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Kelsey Quinn

Open-Source Information Gathering (OSIG) Coordinator, Operations

Kelsey Quinn is the Open-Source Information Gathering (OSIG) Coordinator at the New Lines Institute. 

Quinn previously worked at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) on the DARPA Sigma+ project, examining the decision and attack space for the use of CBRN weapons. She also worked as a research assistant at Michigan State University, investigating bacterial pathogenesis and physiology in Vibrio cholerae, a Category B bioterrorism agent, before beginning her master’s studies and starting at the New Lines Institute. 

Quinn received her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology with a minor in Global Terrorism from the University of Maryland in 2019 and is pursuing a master’s in Security and Terrorism Studies, also from UMD. 

Latest Articles

The Israel-Hamas War: 8 Months Later

In today's episode of the Contours podcast, host Kelsey Quinn sits down with Middle East Affairs researcher Dr. Massaab Al-Aloosy. The pair discuss the domestic tensions within Israel over the war, the Israeli intelligence failure leading to Oct. 7th, and how Israel has attempted to change its defense strategy over time.

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