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Jane Arraf

Jane Arraf has covered Iraq since the 1990s and joined The New York Times as Baghdad bureau chief in 2020. She opened a CNN bureau in Baghdad in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, covered the Iraq war from the American invasion in 2003 through almost every major battle after that. She reported on Iraq’s first post-war elections, the bombing of the United Nations Iraqi headquarters, Iraq’s sectarian war and the rise and fall of the Islamic State. Ms. Arraf has also covered Syria, Jordan and most other countries in the Middle East, and has been previously based in Istanbul, New York, Washington, Montreal and Amman, Jordan.

Latest Articles

Iraq’s Revolutionary Inflection Point

Newlines Institute’s Rasha Al Aqeedi and The New York Times’ Baghdad bureau chief Jane Arraf discuss the current state of Iraq’s October Revolution movement that began nearly two years ago.

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