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Claudia Gago Ostos

Claudia Gago Ostos

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Brazil’s Next Elections Bring the Risk of Social Unrest 

The upcoming general election in Brazil brings the risk of political violence and instability similar to the United States’ experience on Jan. 6, 2021. Claudia C. Gago Ostos writes that the Biden administration needs to consider how it would react to such circumstances in Brazil – and how it intends to reset U.S. relations with Brazil regardless of the election’s outcome.

Political Systems

How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Affects Latin America  

The conflict in Ukraine is giving some of Russia’s Latin American partners pause about their relationships with Moscow. Russia has built its influence in Latin America as leverage against the United States, but Washington could use doubts about Russia in light of the invasion to decrease the Kremlin’s ability to play in the Western Hemisphere.

Strategic Competition