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Ariel Cohen

Ariel Cohen, PhD, is Non-Resident Senior Fellow at The Atlantic Council and Director, Energy, Growth and Security Program at the International Tax and Investment Center. He is the author of six books and monographs, including Russian Imperialism: Development and Crisis, and over 1,000 articles. He regularly contributes to leading TV channels, including CNN, BBC, FOX, and Bloomberg, and contributes to Forbes, The Hill, NEWSWEEK, and other publications. Dr. Cohen is the Founding Principal of International Market Analysis.

Latest Articles

A New President Could Change Turkmenistan’s Export Prospects

Turkmenistan has elected a new president in the midst of global tumult caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It remains to be seen whether Serdar Berdymukhamedov – son of the current president – will veer from his father’s policies. If he does choose reform and an opening to the West, Turkmenistan could prosper from sending its natural gas exports to a new market just as its exports to Russia face a doubtful future.