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Naweed Khan

Naweed Khan

Senior Advisor

Naweed is a government strategy and policy specialist who has for over twenty years worked at the very top of British and European politics and business.

He advises New Lines Institute leadership on current and emerging policy priorities for legislators and political leaders in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Naweed has previously served as a Special Advisor at the Cabinet Office and at the UK’s Foreign Office, under Prime Minister David Cameron. He is the co-Founder and Executive Director of the Initiative for Free Trade (IFT) and works closely with co-Founder and IFT President, Lord Daniel Hannan. For 6 years he led, as Executive Director, the New Direction Foundation, a (pan) European political think tank founded by Margaret Thatcher.

In the private sector, Naweed has worked as Head of External and Regulatory Affairs at AT&T-Warner Media, serving as the lead representative of the company in the UK and Ireland.

He was educated at the University of Cambridge and is an Honorary Professor at The School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Aston University.