Global Rohingya Initiative

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For decades, the Rohingya people have been persecuted by their own country and sought uneasy refuge in neighboring countries. Successive Burmese governments have violated their rights to identity, nationality, security, and other fundamental human rights. The Burmese military, which again seized power from a nominally civilian government in a February 2021 coup, has committed atrocities against the Rohingya as part of its systematic denial of their right to live in peace and dignity as full citizens of Myanmar. While the international community, including the recent U.S. determination of genocide, has loudly condemned the violence against the Rohingya and provided substantial humanitarian assistance, long-term, sustainable solutions to the crisis remain elusive.

The Initiative
The New Lines Institute seeks to re-energize international efforts to address this crisis in a more holistic and effective way through the Global Rohingya Initiative (GRI), crafted in cooperation with and centered on the Rohingya community. GRI is facilitated by the New Lines Institute in support of the Rohingya community.

The Initiative is focused on three foundational issues underlying the Rohingya crisis:

Policy and Politics:

Decades-long underlying political issues including identity, belonging, and security within Myanmar civic and political spaces continue to contribute to the Rohingya crisis, alongside the lack of meaningful policy and political mechanisms from the international community. The Initiative will explore short- and long-term solutions.

Humanitarian Responses:

Discussions focused on resettlement, integration and return of Rohingya refugees have been faced with strong resistance. The Initiative will explore the necessary pre-conditions for a safe, voluntary, and durable return to Rakhine state for the Rohingya, and how the international community can support these efforts.


The Initiative will discuss the role and responsibilities of nation states and international organizations in pursuing accountability for the Rohingya genocide and the intersection between accountability efforts and broader efforts to address impunity in Myanmar.

New Lines Institute is seeking partners for this Initiative. Interested parties should contact Emily Prey at [email protected]