Refugee Standing Committee

The Refugee Standing Committee (RSC) is a Special Initiative of New Lines Institute. The RSC is designed to offer new policy solutions to better address the growing challenge of forcibly displaced peoples around the world, who now number around 80 million due to worsening conditions of climate change, resource shortages, unending conflicts, demographic shifts, etc. The committee organizes convenings and commissions assessments on current and future displacement trends, which help in the process of crafting policy solutions.

The RSC is convened by Lavinia Limon, former Presidential Appointee to the Office of Refugee Resettlement and President and CEO of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Each individual committee member is an integral part of the functioning of the Refugee Standing Committee. Through regular engagement, Committee Members work together to develop topics, present critical debates, and offer in-depth subject matter expertise on the most pressing issues for refugees today.

Chair: Azeem Ibrahim, Director, Special Initiatives


  • Elizabeth Campbell, Executive Director, UNRWA
  • Devon Cone, Senior Advocate, Refugees International
  • Karen Jacobsen, Professor in Global Migration, Tufts University
  • Amy Slaughter, Senior Advisor, Refuge Point
  • Jen Smyers, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Immigration and Refugee Program, Church World Service
  • Graeme Rodgers, Technical Advisor, Research, International Rescue Committee
  • Monette Zard, Director, Program in Forced Migration and Health, Columbia University

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