Human Security Unit

Power Vacuums Program

Just as weak states leave legitimacy vacuums, they also leave strategic vacuums in which regional powers and armed groups compete. The Power Vacuums Program promotes sustained dialogue about conflicts and spaces of key interest to US national security and power projection, with a key focus on active and latent conflict zones, contested spaces, security and political vacuums, and ungoverned and contested spaces. New Lines’ Power Vacuums Program examines different states of relative disorder, where governance, security, and formal economic systems of control break down, introducing competitive state contestation, potential instability or direct conflict, or a change in a regional, national, or local balance of power. 

The program promotes analyses that serve the interests and advance the decision-making process of a US policymaking audience with the ultimate mission of protecting human security within power vacuums across the international community.

Physical map of Europe, Greenland, Middle East and Asia, with high resolution details. Satellite view of Planet Earth. 3D illustration - Elements of this image furnished by NASA