Gender and Statecraft

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Gender analysis is fast becoming a critical component in U.S. foreign policy formulation, as shown with President Joe Biden’s creation of the White House Gender Policy Council, through which all his administration’s policy thinking must now be filtered. The New Lines Institute’s Gender and Statecraft Initiative will examine how a gender analysis can be used as a force multiplier, a completely untapped strategy that will dramatically enhance U.S. capabilities in the long term. The goal of the initiative is to provide U.S. policymakers with cutting-edge research and policy options on how soft power can be dramatically enhanced by using gender analyses in great-power competition.

This project will examine how gender fits into strategic competition (for example, the national security apparatus’ pivot to the Pacific and China) and how gendering foreign policy enhances U.S. soft power in relation to near-peer competitors (for example by increasing support/funding for the Women, Peace, & Security agenda in the Department of Defense to counter China’s influence throughout the South Pacific). This research will act as a launching point from which New Lines can build further analysis of the gendered implications of near-peer competitions.

Report coming early 2023.